Kent RO to increase penetration in Gujarat

Kent RO to increase penetration in Gujarat

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Ahmedabad, Sep 6: Kent RO systems Ltd., India's leading water purifying brand, today said that it has prepared aggressive strategy to increase in its penetration in Gujarat where it has comparatively less growth rate than the national average of 18% due to the strong presence of local water purifiers. Director of the company Varun Gupta told newsmen here today.

On the occasion of launch of 4 latest purifiers under Kent brand including the only one with UV protection for storage tank, Gupta said that the company has a presence of around 20 lakh households across the country but it was less in Gujarat because of a number of reasons of which the main one was the presence of a number of cheaper local purifiers.

'Ours is such a product which needs concept selling ie convincing the customers about its utility and USP. We will tell the people in Gujarat about the additional features of our RO Systems which the local ones don't have. On understanding it one would go for a costlier version of because one can't compromise with one's health. We keep introducing new features to better our product. In Gujarat we are doing better in Vadodara and Surat but are going to focus on Ahmedabad and other places by expanding our network here and also with better marketing,' he said.

'We have introduced product with digital display about purity of water. We will tell people in Gujarat that the water stored in purifiers also gets impure if stored for long and we have introduced feature like UV protection to deal with it too. Our RO protects the mineral content of water unlike the local ones which filter them away. We are also giving 4 year free service for our products to add value,' he said adding that Kent RO has reduced the water wastage to 50% which was best for any RO purifier. He informed that Kent RO has a market share of 37% across the country. (UNI)