Everybody who participated in Vibrant Goa 2019 gained: Dr Jagat Shah

Everybody who participated in Vibrant Goa 2019 gained: Dr Jagat Shah

Agency News

Panaji, Oct 27 : Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019 was held in the coastal state from October 17-19. During the three day event Goan industries and business community got an opportunity to showcase their strengths and highlighted business opportunities to delegates who had come from 12 countries and 20 states from within the country.

As many as 15 memorandum of understandings (MOUs) were signed between the visiting foreign trade delegations and the Goa Chamber of commerce and industry (GCCI) and Vibrant Goa Foundation in the first two days of the event. The MoUs were for promoting various business ventures in Goa. Chief mentor of Vibrant Goa Dr Jagat Shah expressed satisfaction over the organisation of the event and claimed that everybody who participated in the event benefitted.

''Vibrant Goa was very good being the first time. Even when Vibrant Gujarat was held for the first time, there were a lot of problems. I know I was part of it. It was very good. Everybody who participated got benefited. We have got in writing. Every booth person who participated gained. And all delegates who came are happy. Fifty students got job. What else do you want? Students learnt so much. Self Help Groups (SHGs) women got Rs 20 lakh. Never in the life they got even Rs 50,000. There is no segment of society who did not benefit. Everybody who was part of the event benefitted in some way. Business will grow as so many inquiries have come,'' he said.

When asked why ministers of participating countries did not attend the event, he said it was more a business event and that was why there was less participation of ministers from countries which participated. Dr Shah said the best part of the event were 'student bodies' some of whom later got hired by the companies.

About the future of the event, he said, ''The event would happen every year. Next year it will be held in Dubai. The reason behind is that Dubai is organising Dubai 2020. It is very famous and popular event and they are giving us space. Then the event will return to Goa in 2021. Vibrant Goa 2022 will be in Singapore.''

Dr Shah, Founder and Managing Director of Global Network, was hopeful that the event would get better in its editions to come. ''You will see the difference when third edition of the event would take place. Last time in Vibrant Gujarat, prime ministers from 20 countries participated while there were 12,000 foreign buyers. I know how the first edition as it was a failure and very difficult but second edition onwards it was huge. Whole Gujarat is transformed. Today in Gujarat there is 0.8 percent unemployment. This is a model. You have to get Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) into the international market. There is no other way to survive. In India big companies will kill them. They can survive only by exporting. They have got a clear message that there is no product which can not be exported. I challenge,'' he said.

However, he rued that there was no convention centre in the state where events like Vibrant Goa could be organised. ''There is no convention centre. All the problems which we had in Vibrant Goa was because of the area. There was no power. What was our fault?. Make an international convention centre. Even delegates from Qatar said that they will fund the convention centre. They said they just required land and permission. They would fund that. Goa is a conference capital of India and there is no convention centre. One convention centre will give employment to 10,000 people directly and indirectly. (UNI)