Jet Airways’ collapse a well thought out scam: Anand Sharma

Jet Airways’ collapse a well thought out scam: Anand Sharma

Agency News

Panaji, Apr 21: Former Union Minister and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Anand Sharma on Sunday claimed that Jet Airways collapse was a scam well thought out and alleged that the incident had proved that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was 'job destroyer, not a job creator'.

Addressing a press conference at Congress Headquarters in the city, he said,'Jet Airways collapse has been a shock to the country because it was one of the popular brands which ran for almost 25 years. It’s huge loss to the economy. So called Prime Minister is finally in last few weeks has reconfirmed that he is a job destroyer, not a job creator.'

'What has happened is scandalous. Collapse of jet airways now appears to be a big scam which was well thought out. Its unfolding in the dins of the election so that nobody would ask questions. When there are other businesses which have been rescued by this government, restructuring of 30,000-40,000 crore of debts, here there was much smaller in amount and there was resolution by lenders to save jobs and the airlines. .....One the resolution plan was accepted and the management or the promoters moved out, the banks have not put in money,' he said.

He claimed that it was the brand value of a running airline which had been destroyed. 'We have been told that planes in India have been registered and de-registered. Who are the people who are registering the fleets. You will find out that they are very close to the ruling establishment. So values will come down and the same consortium of banks which had committed itself to the resolution plan had not honoured the plan ruining the lives of sons and daughters of employees of the airlines,' he said.

He said Supreme Court of India should take note of the scam and should direct for registration of an FIR.UNI