BJP Panaji Mandal President files complaint regarding ‘false news’ on party letter head

BJP Panaji Mandal President files complaint regarding ‘false news’ on party letter head

Agency News

Panaji, Apr 6 : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Panaji Mandal President Deepak Mhapsekar on Saturday lodged a complaint regarding a 'false news' on party letter head posted on social media which claimed that BJP was 'opposed to dynasty raj' and ticket to Panaji Assembly constituency should go to a 'loyalist'.
In the complaint lodged at Panaji Police Station, Mr Mhapsekar said, 'I wish to bring to your notice that the said note has been created on forged letterhead of our Bharatiya Janata Party Panaji Mandal with an intention to misuse my name and tarnish my reputation and position. This amounts to a gross violation of my rights and should be dealt with most strictly. The contents of the forged note are intended to create a feeling of discomfort and falsehood amongst the larger public. The said note has grossly misused my name and BJP's letterhead, thereby creating an impression that I am aware of this note, which I strongly reject.'
The post circulated on social media had led to unease among BJP workers in the state.
The fake letter said: "The party and some people need to be reminded of the fact, that the party which opposes family raj is trying to (get) the same family raj in Panaji in lust of power. This was not even the agenda of our late Bhai (Parrikar) as a result of which he had distanced his family from politics".
"The people of Panaji will not accept dynasty and family raj in Panaji and only dedicated party loyalists should be given ticket for which all the workers," the statement said.
Former Panaji MLA Siddarth Kuncalienkar accompanied Mr Mhapsekar when the complaint was lodged.