Record-breaking Feb weather due to warming of Arctic

Record-breaking Feb weather due to warming of Arctic

Agency News

London, Feb 27: As unusually warm weather enveloped western parts of Europe, including the UK, others like Istanbul, Turkey, experienced more frigid temperatures.

On Monday, several parts of the UK saw some of the warmest winter days with a temperature of 20C recorded in west London. Met Office meteorologists said Tuesday was also unusually warm. But what is driving the warm weather and should we be concerned?

Euronews Belle Donati spoke to Joseph Dutton, from the E3G climate think tank in London, who warned we should be concern about the atypical temperatures. "This is not normal, this is a sign the climate is changing," he said.

Dutton explained that the warm February spell is due to the warming of the Arctic. "Evidence suggests that the warming of the Arctic is destabilising the jet stream, which is bringing up warm air to Europe and forcing down cold air from the Polar Regions in some other parts."

Dutton said that this pattern is likely to get worse as time goes on and that it will be problematic for the UK and northern European countries who are not used to such warm weather. (UNI)