Jyothika compares Temple and hospital lands in a soup, Suriya supports wife

Jyothika compares Temple and hospital lands in a soup, Suriya supports wife

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Tamil actor Jyothika’s award speech, which she delivered few months back, has snowballed into a political controversy after it attracted mixed views.

In her award speech, she explained a shooting experience at Thanjavur where she found two extreme states of a temple and a hospital. She said that while Bragadeeshwar temple was being kept as a palace, a nearby was in a dilapidated condition. In her speech, she called in people and the government to donate to maintain the hospital better.

This comparison did not go down well with those who affiliated with BJP such as script writer S.Ve.Sekhar and actor and choreographer Gayathri Raghuraman who slammed Jyothika for her imbalanced comparison. Soon the issue turned political with DK and DMK workers stood with Jyothika and hailed her view as sensible on social media.

Seeing this hullabaloo, actor Suriya has shot out a letter in support of his wife and has slammed the critics of the speech as ignorant and ill read of the doctrines of elders.

Suriya in his letter in Tamil has stated "Even if the tree stands still the winds will not allow it and accordingly, the social media debates are fanning an issue of a speech that Jyothika made much earlier. Some are seeing it as a crime that Jyothika insisted on seeing schools and hospitals on par with temples. The same opinion was maintained by spiritual leaders such as Swami Vivekananda. Thirumoolar had maintained in ancient times that serving the people is the perfect offering to the gods but the ignorant and ill read trollers would not have read them. “

Accepting Suriya’s views, Gayatri Raghuraman singed off the controversy and wrote on Twitter: “This clarifies. I hope it was done before. Before DK and DMK hijacking it as comparing temple bigger or hospital bigger. Never too late. Thank you”