Death threat to Nayanthara

Agency News

Famous dancer-cum-director Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramalatha has extended a death threat to Nayanthara saying the actress needs to be punished for breaking someone's house and stealing her husband.

After knowing about the death threat from Ramalatha, Nayanthara responded saying: “I am really wondering why she’s getting so excited merely by reading rumors. I and Prabhu Deva are good friends and we aren’t planning to get married.”

Prabhu Deva-Nayanthara love story is an old one. The duo was in a live-in relationship for many years. Meanwhile, Ramalatha and Prabhu Deva got separated. The couple had three kids in which elder son died in 2008 due to cancer.

Ramalatha in her recent outburst, also said that she would take Prabhu Deva to task if he desolates her and marries Nayanthara. Ramalatha’s outcry is the result of the recent rumour that Nayanthara may have got married Prabhudeva soon, though there is no basis for this rumour. The recent travels of Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva together have been circulating through media heavily. But Nayanthra said that these travels are just part of a friendship, not a prequel to marriage.

Ramalatha strongly admits that she will go to any extreme, even killing Nayanthara, to get her husband back.

Prabhu Deva and Ramlath got married in 1995. Ramlath changed her name to Latha after marriage as she was a Muslim by religion and converted to Hinduism to marry Prabhu. Ramlath couldn't believe that her husband had fallen for Nayanthara and it wasn't any black magic.

After divorce, Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara's relationship also became complicated as they broke up in 2012. After breaking up with Prabhu Deva, Nayanthara then said in an interview with Times Of India, "When I am in a relationship, I give it my 100 percent. But then if it doesn't work, you cannot help it. You cannot move ahead with something which isn't working."

After Prabhudeva’s divorce with Ramalatha, the relationship between Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara also soured. Eventually, they broke up in 2012. After breaking up with Prabhu Deva, Nayanthara fell in a relationship with Vignesh Shivan. Thaanaa Serndha Kootam director Vignesh and Nayanthara had already shared many pics on social media. Still, the film world, who are close to these developments are wondering what is the real reason behind Prabhudeva’s wife sending out a death threat to Nayanthara at this point of time?