Makers of Gujarati series 'Bas Cha Sudhi' bats for good content, shoot quality

Makers of Gujarati series 'Bas Cha Sudhi' bats for good content, shoot quality

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Ahmedabad, Feb 11: To make popular web series in a regional language, there should be good content and shoot quality, Co-producer of 'Bas Cha Sudhi' Hiren Doshi and Director Priyal Patel said on Tuesday.

Mr Doshi, also the co-director of the web series and Ms Patel said that it is a misconception to think that the web series could not perform well without a lot of bold scenes. Notably, two super hit seasons of 'Bas Cha Sudhi' have so far been released and the third one is scheduled to be released on Valentine day i.e., February 14 on YouTube channel of Doshi, Astha Productions which had streamed the earlier two seasons. Mr Doshi said that web series was much easier to make than films and TV serials and consumed much less budget.

These were also proving to be a big respite and very good platform for emerging artists and writers etc. To a query he said that unlike films, it was not possible to make a quick buck with web series in regional language but a good and popular one also did not cause any monetary loss to the producer. Now sponsors were also coming up for regional web series.

The technique of blending the advertisement in the story or set ie 'in-film-branding' was also helpful in earnings, advertisements also were helpful and Over the Top (OTT) platforms like Shemaroo and Hungama etc were also proving to be a great help. Ms Patel added that our web series has proved the point that good content and quality can make the regional ones immensely popular. Due to the facility of sub title even people across the country and other parts of the globe now can see the regional web series. (UNI)