Lack of resources should not thwart dreams of struggling singers: Guj singer

Lack of resources should not thwart dreams of struggling singers: Guj singer

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Ahmedabad, Feb 8 : Gujarati singer Pruthvi Parikh on Saturday said that lack of resources should not prevent aspiring singers from achieving their dreams and urged them to continue with their ambitions. He said that he recently shot a Hindi video song in Turkey with very limited resources and budget along with Bagladeshi actor Raesa Islam, to give a message of sorts to the struggling singers.

Parikh, a young singer from Ahmedabad who has also done playback singing for four Gujarati movies, including highly appreciated 'De Tali' and 'Angry Family' and leads a popular band called 'Udaan the Band' told media on during the launch of Hindi video song 'Sardi Ki Subah'. "There should be no cribbing regarding lack of resources," he added. "I often hear such singers saying that I could have done this or that, If I had the equipment and other resources.

I have done this experiment to prove a point. I shot the video song in Shimla and Turkey with very limited resources. I and Raesa, a Bangladeshi actress settled in Turkey, shot most of the song by ourselves. Where we both were needed in the frame our driver handled the camera. There should be no complains about lack of resources," Parikh who also has two highly popular garba songs to his credit said.

He told UNI that Raesa also did not charge anything for the song, "She and me are now very good friends. She came to know about me through my Youtube channel on which we earlier used to upload our Bollywood cover songs." To a query he said that he did not keep the language barriers and want to sing in various languages.

Parikh said that he also wanted to do experiment of using the Reggae and other western music genres in Gujarati to deal with the issue of monotony in Gujarati songs due to uniformity of style. He said that apart from doing playback singing for some of the Gujarati movies he was also going to do so for web series etc. (UNI)