Bengali film ‘Sraboner Dhara’ all set to hit the silver screen on Feb 7

Bengali film ‘Sraboner Dhara’ all set to hit the silver screen on Feb 7

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Kolkata, Feb 4: Director duo Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy's new Bengali film ‘Sraboner Dhara’ is all set to hit the silver screen on February 7.

The film featuring veteran Soumitra Chatterjee, Gargee Roychowdhury, Basab Dutta Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee in the lead role is a story about an Alzheimer's patient. Neelabho Roy is a successful Neuro physician, working in a Corporate Hospital. Armed with several foreign degrees, Neelabho’s success is a foregone conclusion. But as the world lauds him, Neelabho is drifting away from his family and close friends.

In fact at times he is in a denial mode as far as acknowledging his roots is concerned. For him only the present is important to build up a more successful future. A new patient Dr Amitava Sarkar is admitted under Neelabho. He is a well known historian, but the tragedy is that he is slowly losing his fight against Alzheimer, a degenerative disease that has no cure, or reversal. Dr Sarkar is accompanied by a young lady Shubha Sarkar, whom Neelabho mistakes as his daughter, only to be corrected by Dr Sarkar, who says she is my wife. The disparity in their age prompts people to misjudge the relationship between the two.

However as Neelabho treats Dr Sarkar he realizes, the professor is slowly getting caught up in a time warp. He keeps talking of the restless 70s, the trip to Paris with Shubha and their honeymoon in Darjeeling, where they stayed at the Planters’ Club. In each of these experiences he keeps mentioning Shubha was with him, but that is where the mystery lies.

Shubha, his wife was probably born in the Seventies, and could hardly have shared his experiences in those days. Shubha tries her best to point out his mistakes and to put him in the right perspective, but it is of no avail. Dr Sarkar is caught up in his past and living in the present with no future to look forward to. And Shubha, is totally dedicated to Dr Sarkar. Yet one day Neelabho sees a totally different Shubha while shopping at a mall. She is hardly the bespectacled, saree clad, self effacing wife of Dr Sarkar…And to top it all Neelabho gets to know that the spectacles that Shubha sports is without power. It’s just a guise! Other things keep adding up to his suspicions…

The nurse Sarah Verghese in the hospital too expresses her suspicion about Shubha. Is she really Dr Sarkar’s wife? Or is she a gold digger? As the film progresses, we see snippets of hospital life, and how despite being a good doctor, dedicated to his patients, Neelabho keeps getting misjudged. His wife, his father, friend and his sister all say he is not the person they knew. He is a changed person whose identity is suspect.

The film deals with the identity crisis of three persons, for one it is a conscious decision, for another it’s beyond control and for the third it’s a suspicious metamorphosis. The film is all about the analysis and path to resolving this crisis. Rupankar, Iman and Jayati have lent their voice to the three songs composed by Music director duo Ashu-Abhishek. (UNI)