Bigg Boss: Shefali Bagga gets evicted

Bigg Boss: Shefali Bagga gets evicted

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On the 13th Weekend of Big Boss, Shefali Bagga was ousted from the show and it almost broke the social media on Sunday.

The Bigg Boss announced the ouster of Shefali Bagga as she was the weakest contestants. Earlier, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to choose between Shefali and Madhurima, the two low-ranking contestants in the house. Except one, all other contestants in the house voted against Shefali Bagga. Eventually, she was announced the weakest contestant and got evicted from the house.

Parting with Shefali Bagga from the show was heartbreaking moment for many of her fans. This was Bagga’s second stint as she had re-entered the show as a wild card a few weeks back. While her journey in the show was a short one, her recent act of banging utensils to wake up the contestants would be one of the most remembered moments of the season.

13th Weekend Ka Vaar episode was memorable with the presence of Kangana Raut and Jassie Gill. The show began with Salman Khan’s entry on the stage and he welcomed the audience. After that, Salman Khan said that last day Kajol and Ajay Devgn entered inside the house with good intentions but after their exit situations worsened inside the house. When Salman started interacting with the contestants inside the house Rashami Desai complained about Paras Chhabra that he insulted her and other contestants in front of the special guests.

Shehnaaz Gill expressed her love for Sidharth Shukla was one of the highlights of the episode. She also said that Sidharth should always console her when she gets upset with someone or something. To entertain the audience, Salman Khan kept poking Shehnaaz.

After that, Salman Khan asked the housemates to choose between Rashami Desai and Mahira Desai as the weaker contestant. Housemates gave maximum votes to Mahira and declared her as the weakest contestant inside the house.

The entry of Kangana Ranaut was also a big attraction of the show. She came to promote her upcoming film Panga. Salman welcomed her and then they loudly said their dialogues from their films just like the housemates speak inside the house. Kangana sang a Pahari song.

Salman Khan announced that Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli are the bottom two contenders. Later, Kangana and her co-star Jassie Gill entered inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. They played a game with the housemates. Kangana announced a dance face-off between Rashami Desai and Shehnaaz Gill, Rashami emerged as the winner. Later, Paras and Sidharth danced to impress Kangana. The actress chose Sidharth as the winner.