Mammootty starrer Mamangam hits theatres today

Mammootty starrer Mamangam hits theatres today

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Mammootty starring magnum opus Mamangam has finally hit the theatres worldwide today.

It is learnt that the film will be released over 2000 screens in 45 countries across the world. Mammootty fans have turned Mamangam into a festival of sorts as tickets are selling like a hot cakes. Mammootty fans have welcomed the fim with live Kalaripayattu and traditional ritual Kettukazhcha. Positive reviews are coming from all around the world about the movie. The viewers generally hailed the movie for combining mass and class appeals with a rare balance.

Official trailer of the movie was also received well.

The makers of the movie win a legal battle against the release of the film on Thursday which paved the way for its smooth release. The Kerala High Court on Wednesday granted permission to release the movie on December 12 without exhibiting the names of its scriptwriter or writer of the screenplay on the screen or on any advertisements. The court made it clear that prima facia, the author of the screenplay and script of the movie is Sajeev Pillai. The case against the release was filed by Sajeev Pillai. The movie is said to be a well-researched one. In Kerala, the first show started at 10am and most theatres are hosting a minimum four shows per day.

In an interview with Times Now, Mammootty said, "Baahubali scale we cannot touch...but visually we are trying. Because we have erected a big set. It has to be one of a kind in South. Also, we don't depend more on VFX. Maybe 10-15 percent of the film but not more than that. It's original set erected, no painting, no green mat, no blue mat. It's all real and that will bring more reality to the story and make it look more realistic."

Mamangam focusses on the martial art of Kalaripayattu, which is practised in Kerala. This big-budget film, produced by Venu Kunnappilly.

Based on the Mamankam festival held back in 17th century, Mamangam will see Mammootty plays the bravest warrior. Directed by M Padmakumar, the film boasts of a stellar cast featuring Unni Mukundan, Prachi Tehlan, Achutan, Kaniha, Anusithara and Siddique. The film, which was predominantly shot in Malayalam, will be released in several languages namely, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.