Producers’ org demands Rs. 6-7 Cr from actor Shane Nigam as compensation

Producers’ org demands Rs. 6-7 Cr from actor Shane Nigam as compensation

Agency News

The official body of film producers in Kerala, Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA), has demanded a compensation of Rs.6-7 Cr from the actor Shane Nigam.

The revengeful act from the producers’ organization on the actor has come as a response to his rebellious behavior during the production of three Malayalam films in which Shane dons major roles.

Producers’ organization has also decided to scrap the production of three ongoing movies 'Veyil’, 'Qurbani' and ‘Ullasam’.

The first two movies, Veyil and Qurbani, was shelved off as Shane Nigam shaved off his face and cut his hair in mushroom style. Shane Nigam did this as revenge to the producers of the movie as the characters he deals with these movies need hair and mustache. The third movie 'Ullasam', where only the dubbing remains, has also been shelved for the time being.

Shane will be considered for future roles only after he pays back the loss of Rs 6-7 crore the producers have incurred in the two movies.

"The way some new-age actors behave, we suspect they are under the influence of drugs. We demand that the police conduct a thorough probe into the use of drugs in the Malayalam film industry. We do not know what they take once they are inside their caravans," said M Renjith, president of the Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA).

"This is an industry where out of 150 movies, 135 are ending up in losses. We have never encountered such indiscipline ever, and this is mostly from youngsters. They don't come on time and behave in the most erratic manner. Stars like Mammotty and Mohanlal will never behave like this but the new actors, after 4-5 movies, behave in the most improper way. Most producers are faced with a situation where they have to sell their properties and homes to survive due to the losses," Renjith said.

"When we approach AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Artists) with complaints, they tell us that these actors are not their members. That's also an issue," he added.

For the last many months a war between Shane and Joby George, the producer of ‘Veyil,’ has been going on. Shane told that he was revolting against the Joby for his dominating behavior on the set.

KFPA intervened in the matter and arrived at a settlement according to which Shane was to complete the remaining work of the movie in a single schedule of 16 days starting mid-November. But later, Shane himself has not shown commitment to complete the work.