‘Am interested to work with Indian actors’: Andrew Luri

‘Am interested to work with Indian actors’: Andrew Luri

Agency News

Panaji, Nov 25 : Sudanese film actor Andrew Luri has said he is very interested to work with Indian actors as they are very popular in Sudan.

'I am very interested to work with Indian actors because they are very popular in Sudan and I have grown up watching them. I really like it here. I am going to talk about the people and Goa in my country when I go back,” he said at the ongoing 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

“Indian films are highly respected in North Sudan. People there watch films at night and sometimes watch two Indian films at night. In spite of them being long, people watch them and enjoy till dawn”, he said.

On asked if formal training was necessary for actors, the actor said, “You need to act from your heart. Something you learn through pain, you never forget.”

The actor said he had a collection of Hindi films at his home and he loved acting of Amitabh Bachchan. Among many international films having their Indian Premier at the festival, Hearts and Bones from Australia was screened at IFFI. Directed by Ben Lawrence, the film tells the tale of a friendship that develops between a war photographer and a South Sudanese refugee. Andrew plays role of refugee Sebastian Aman.

Speaking about the film, Andrew said, “The film emotionally connects with whoever is watching it.” “We shot with twins so if one was tired, we shot with the other and vice versa. We also shot in a real hospital and the cameras were set very far. Few of the doctors won’t realise that we were actors shooting. They would actually come to us to check us thinking we were patients”, he added. (UNI)