Manju gets accolades for ‘Asuran’

Manju gets accolades for ‘Asuran’

Agency News

Malayalam actress Manju Warrier is getting accolades across Tamil Nadu from both crowds and critics alike for her performance as the Pachaiyamma in Dhunsh-starrer ‘Asuran’.

Asuran— Manju Warrier’s debut in Tamil after 35 films in Malayalam — directed by National Award-winning Vetrimaaran. But despite her debut Tamil movie, Manju Warrier made an incredible performance as Pachaiyamma in Asuran, a movie adapted from Poomani’s award-winning novel Vekkai, agrees everyone.

All the reviews have showered praises for Manju for her excellent histrionics as Pachaiyamma. “So good to see her in such a powerful character and movie. Perfect entry to the Kollywood,” one review said.

“While watching, I was thinking how she could do a character like this with so much ease. She did a similar role in Kanmadam(a Malayalam movie) long back but still she amazes. Malayalam filmmakers should watch this and give her stronger, deserving, characters,” writes another critic.

Earlier, during the end of the shooting schedule, impressed by the performance of Manju Warrier, another Malayalam star Aishwarya Laxmi, who is also the co-star of Dhanush in the movie, wrote on social media: “Manju Warrier, you are pure pure amazingnesss’.

The veteran actress, who has been in the film industry, for the past three decades, has made her presence felt in Kollywood. “Manju Warrier is known for her versatile performance. It would be interesting to see her saying Tamil dialogues”, a reviewer of Times of India writes. “Manju brings her grace to the screen as Sivasamy’s(Dhanush’s character) wife and does a superb job,” another review said. The film also runs well in packed theatres across the world.