Sony Music’s ‘Awaaz’ releases Saheer’s ‘No Apologies’

Sony Music’s ‘Awaaz’ releases Saheer’s ‘No Apologies’

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New Delhi, Oct 4 : Sony Music’s Hip Hop focused label 'Awaaz' is creating more noise than ever.

After the success of his debut single in India, 'Pressure', Saheer came up with a new banger to share with Desi audiences around the world, by releasing 'No Apologies' on Friday.

Hailing from California to an Indian immigrant family, Saheer's childhood was a balance between family values and his environment. Heavy in instrumentation and dense in content, his music is a reflection of his memories growing up.

Intended to guide his listeners through the stories of his own experiences and growth, as well as his vision for the future and beyond.

When asked about the single, Saheer went on to say, "My music comes from the heart. ‘Pressure’ was just the beginning, and I’m determined to make an impact with new music for the fans around the world.”

Saheer Dalal not only the lyricist and performer on the song, but he is also the producer of the record. As an artist-producer, he constantly tests his production skills by working with multiple artists spread all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Saheer's debut single, 'Pressure', was featured heavily across all streaming platforms, and playlisted on some of the most popular playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. 'No Apologies' is Saheer's second official release in India. (UNI)