Priyanka Negi collaborates with Hotline for her debut single ‘Kala Joda’

Priyanka Negi collaborates with Hotline for her debut single ‘Kala Joda’

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New Delhi, Sep 19: Country's singing sensation Priyanka Negi's latest number 'Kala Joda', a film by United White Flag has just released on her YouTube Channel and has crossed more than three million views till now.

The song features Hotline and its music is given by Kashi Kashyap. The track is penned down by Renuka Negi and K D Sharma. The combination of Punjabi and English sounds phenomenal. The music is produced by a celebrity DJ Aquib Khan.

Priyanka is known for her beautiful looks and mesmerising voice. She was amongst the finalists of 'Indian Idol 4'. A Bollywood playback singer and a live wire performer who has done more than 1500 plus events worldwide, Priyanka has also won an award at EEMA for being the best performer of the country.

'I was super excited before the release of this song and was quite nervous too. But the overwhelming love by the audience has boosted my confidence and encouraged me enough to release some uncommon tracks like 'Kala Joda' in the coming future,' Priyanka said.

"Before shooting for the video I hadn't met Hotline. We connected on social media and didn't think much of it at first. But as we started putting our heads together and the creative juices got flowing, I knew this was something special. There are certain things that you just can't explain. Things that cross barriers of languages and cultures. Things that cannot be put into words. I guess you can call it the magic of music. It brings people together to do awesome things. I think social media has made things easier.

How do you think two people who have never met or spoken over the phone ended up making a song? Too good to be true, but I'm glad it is,' she said.

Upon asking about the experience, Priyanka was all smiles. "It's been a very fun experience. A lot of people have worked really hard on the songs and honestly it's a team effort." (UNI)