‘Adda’ is live to break the glass wall

‘Adda’ is live to break the glass wall

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Kolkata, Sep 14 : 'Adda', a film is probably going to break all the so-called ideology to give birth to a new thought by the debutante director Devayush Chowdhury.

For the first time, we will experience Black and White walking path together holding hands. An adda-centric movie. Adda in different places, of a different group, on different topics. The gaps will bridge up and the bridge will create a gap new while finding the gaps in society, politics, and economics and, above all, nostalgic Calcutta. An all-new craft through an untold cinematic language.

The film features Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Sabyasachi Chakraborty in the lead as Saayoni Ghosh, Indrasis Roy, Sourav Das also will be seen in some pivotal roles. In a sideline of the chat, Sabyasachi Chakraborty said that "Many people of the film were blurry with the rest of the script, but I, fortunately, have the whole script access initially. The think pings me a lot why I was talking in rhythm all the time. But when I realised who I am, it left me speechless. I have been told that and I am an angel from the world of gods. I am white and one is black. Two such convincing characters can be assumed to be from Heaven and they come to analyze how people are, their socio-economic status, mental status or what, whether they are happy or if something can be solved."
"This picture is somehow a satire involving society and politics. For me, it's a very personal film. An impression of my growth can be found here. Both the Kolkata, I mean Kolkata we know and the Kolkata we don't is in the film. My obsession with cinema started with 'Sonar Kella' and Soumitra Chattopadhyay for me is God in disguise and Sabyasachi Chakraborty made everything in my movie so easy", said debutante director.

On the other hand, Sabyasachi expressed his feelings working with Devayush saying, "It was great working with Devayush. He is intelligent enough and has an understanding of the film. His film making is more about literature. He gave me a job where I was very nervous and I was wondering when it would end. I did the dubbing and then raised my hands to him with a smile and requested him to not take me in his works further." 'Adda' released this Friday has already started earning loves. (UNI)