Akshay Kumar announces new venture ‘Prithviraj’ on his birthday

Akshay Kumar announces new venture ‘Prithviraj’ on his birthday

Agency News

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has turned 52 on Monday. As a birthday gift to his fans, the star announced his new, big-budget , historical film, ‘Prithviraj’.

Taking to Twitter, Akshay Kumar noted: “Elated to share about my 1st historical film on my birthday!Humbled to have the opportunity to play a hero I look up to for his valor & values- Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan in one of my biggest films #Prithviraj.”

The story of the film revolves around Prithviraj Chauhan, one of the greatest indian kings. Prithviraj Chauhan was one of the bravest rulers of the Chahamana dynasty and fought against Muhammad Ghori when his massive army tried to invade the country.

The movie, which is produced by Yash Raj Films, is directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. The film plans to be released by Diwali 2020.