Ajith, Vijay fan wars stoop to a new low

Ajith, Vijay fan wars stoop to a new low


Kollywood has witnessed a strange war on Sunday between the fans of two Tamil superstars- Ajith and Vijay. Fans who are prepared to die for the popularity of their beloved stars, were seen engaged in the worst possible mud-slinging at each other on Twitter.

This time they are not working to promote the new film of their superstars. Instead, they are being engaged in a campaign to spoil the image of their rival superstar. In order to achieve their objective, fans belonging to both superstars have been engaging in spreading fake news and lies to spoil the stardom of their rival star. Thus star wars on social media stooped to a new low level of mud-slinging.

New hashtags, #ViswasamFakeBOexposed and #FakeBOFraudVijay are trending on Twitter on Sunday.

Vijay fans unleashed a virulent attack against Ajith’s latest blockbuster ‘Viswasam’ saying the film did not earn Rs.125 Cr, but a mere Rs.80 Cr. But the propagators could not substantiate their claims with solid evidence. All their comments and memes come under the hashtag #ViswasamFakeBOexposed.

In a tit-for-tat, Ajith fans said that Vijay’s ‘Mersal’ and Sarkar were damp squibs at the box office. They spread this message under the hashtag #FakeBOFraudVijay.

But the unfortunate fact is that most of the comments are offensive and blind abuse. Both fans quote videos of distributor Tiruppur Subramaniam as a proof of their argument. It is easy to understand that these videos of Tiruppur Subramaniam are tweaked videos to substantiate their arguments filled with enmity.

During the release of Ajith’s Viswasam, a similar kind of war took place between fans of Ajith and Rajanikanth as Rajani’s Petta also was released simultaneously. Both fans engaged in war of words on Twitter for promoting their star’s movie.

All the fans were trying to prove was that their star reigns supreme at the box office. These kinds of fan wars were unheard of a few years before in Tamil where only healthy wars were played out by fans of superstars.