On YouTube, Malayalam rules the roost

On YouTube, Malayalam rules the roost

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A couple of years back, Malayalam language had a weak presence on YouTube, the free online video-sharing platform. But now, Malayalam content is back with a bang with around 17 Malayalam channels enjoying one million subscribers each.

Satya Raghavan, Director, Content Partnerships, YouTube India, is ready to hail this new trend saying: "Sky is the limit when it comes to Malayalam content on YouTube."

Mr. Raghavan, was in Kerala to maximise the business potential of YouTube lately. For Kerala, around 50 Malayalam channels having anything between 500K and one million subscribers and another 400 channels with 100K subscriptions, creators of all of which are waiting to turn millionaires in the next couple of years.

"The year 2018 was the breakthrough year for Malayalam language content on YouTube" said Mr. Raghavan during an interaction with the media. While entertainment and music segments head the charts, other segments like technology, education, health and food are on promising growth trajectories. New segments are emerging with Mr. Raghavan citing farming content as a breakout segment.

Leading creators

Comedy channel Karikku, with a subscription base of 2.60 million, leads the bandwagon of emerging Malayalam creators followed by the technology channel M4 Tech with 1.80 million subscribers and food channels Village Food Channel and Veena's Curry World with 1.1 million subscribers each.

Mr. Raghavan said YouTube enjoys 265 million monthly users in India, out of which 60% are from smaller cities and villages while video consumption in Indian languages accounts for 95%. From a mere 16 channels with a million plus subscription in 2014, the number grew to 1,200 in 2018.

Three major Malayalam content creators - Nikhil Prasad, founder of the YouTube channel Karikku, Geo Joseph of M4 Tech and Annie Yujin of farming-related channel Krishy Lokam – shared their experiences on the occasion.