Smoking with Nick Jonas: Priyanka Chopra irks fans

Smoking with Nick Jonas: Priyanka Chopra irks fans

Agency News

Close on the heels of fans showering rebukes on Deepika Padukone for her ‘opportunistic’ move of acting in misogynistic director Luv Ranjan, Priyanaka Chopra also irked her fans for sharing a photograph of enjoying smoke with her husband Nick Jonas on a yacht.

The gap between words and deeds of Priyanka was the reason behind their immediate provocation. Priyanka who was asthmatic during childhood has been engaging with many awareness activities against the chronic disease.

Last year, Priyanka had joined hands with a brand for an ad campaign to shed light on the truth about asthma. In this backdrop, fans got shocked by seeing their beloved star enjoying a cigar. Recently she shared a photograph in which she was seen enjoying a smoke on a yacht with her family, while her mother Madhu Chopra and husband Nick Jonas are seen enjoying a cigar on the yacht ride. The photograph has gone viral on social media and soon the fans began to rebuke her. Some even has gone to the extent of calling her ‘a hypocrite’.

Fans also dug out an old tweet from 2010 in which Priyanka wrote, "Smoking is awful!!! Yuck!!!". Netizens also did not forget to call her ‘fake’.

Few months back, the actress, who had supported an anti-pollution campaign during Diwali, was also criticized for enjoying fireworks during her wedding in December last year.