Jayasurya’s Thrissur Pooram to begin soon

Jayasurya’s Thrissur Pooram to begin soon

Agency News

Thrissur Pooram the annual festival is just over, but the fever remains. Aptly at this time has the announcement of actor Jayasurya’s new movie titled Thrissur Pooram been made. The talented actor has not been seen for a while, and news of this movie has been well received. In it he is to play a mass action hero named Round Jayan.

The movie will be directed by Rajesh Mohanan. The project is backed by Vijay Babu who will also be starring in it. On Thrissur Pooram Day, Friday Film House announced Thrissur Pooram with Jayasurya as hero.

The movie will showcase the various phases of the popular annual Pooram Festival. For this the team will soon be conducting auditions in Thrissur to get an authentic cast.The movie is expected to release in October.