The long waited trailer of ‘Googly’ launched

The long waited trailer of ‘Googly’ launched

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Kolkata, Mar 1 : Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd. today launched the trailer of their next venture ‘Googly’ in the august presence of the actors, Soham, Srabanti, Master Soumyodipta Saha, Director, Mr Abhimanyu Mukherjee and Music Composer, Savvy.

The trailer was launched at Edit FX studios amidst much fanfare.

The trailer featuring Soham, Srabanti and Master Soumyodipta Saha in & as ‘Googly’ is loved by all. It showed how two people with stammering problems tie a knot and get confused later about having a child as they become unsure about the destiny of child.

“It was a wonderful experience to work with the entire cast and crew, especially the kid Soumyodipta Saha. We often make fun of people who stammer and aren’t clear enough in their communication without looking much into their actual lives. We make them bound to live in another world by alienating them from the mainstream. The movie aims to spread the message that every person, irrespective of their disabilities should be accepted with wide arms. Soumyodipto, the kid delivers a powerful performance that will leave lasting impression on the mind of the viewers.”, said Mr Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Director, Googly.

“The story of ‘Googly’ focuses on the emotions of two people who always felt cornered in the society due to their speech problems. All the actors have delivered the best of their expertise and the kid is genius in ‘Googly’s’ role. I surely believe this emotional family drama with comic relief will be thoroughly loved by the audience”, said Mr Nispal Singh of Surinder Films.

‘Googly’, produced by Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd. is slated to release on 29th March, 2019 across leading standalone theatres and multiplexes across West Bengal. UNI