Oscar Awards 2019: The Biggest Show In Hollywood

Oscar Awards 2019: The Biggest Show In Hollywood


Just hours away from the biggest show in Hollywood-Oscars 2019, there is much expectation about who will be the winners. The show is sure to entertain movie fans all over the globe. Going without a host for the first time in decades, the show is expected to begin with a musical number. But who will it be? There are unconfirmed reports that Queen could be opening the show?!

The evening is bound to be fun to watch and prove to be great entertainment as the best in the 24 categories win their awards. There are some things that are for sure; like the performance of Adam Lambert and Queen in honor of Bohemian Rhapsody, the Oscar nominated film and the legendary former lead singer Freddie Murphy.

Lady Gaga and Glenn Close will vie among others for the Best actress award while Christian Bale and Rami Malek are front runners for Best actor.

An interesting thing about the 2019 Oscars is that for the first time a super hero comic book movie has been nominated in the Best film category, and that is Black Panther.

Roma is one of the few films to get a nomination in both the best Foreign Film category as well as Best Film category.

The Academy Awards are always exciting and so we will have to wait to see who emerge the winners.