A new avatar that sparks change

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Kolkata, Feb 21: It was a significant day for the Bengali Entertainment genre, when on September 8, 2008, Star Jalsha was launched.

With revolutionary shows, gripping story-telling, it's iron willed iconic women characters, superior production values, glamorous cast and first-time producers; it became a way of life for Bengal at large, loved and lived by all. For the past one decade this enigmatic content has been shattering prevalent archetypes of storytelling.

As of 17th February 2019, Star Jalsha boards a new ship of exciting possibilities, with a fresh avatar and a revamped brand identity. The brand refresh encapsulates four brand visions that promises to create a more ‘Bold’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Rooted’ and ‘Full of Life’ approach to content showcasing, making it more contemporary and youthful than ever.

In its enhanced image, along with the theme “NijeyPaltale, Sob Paltabey”, the channel is set to offer a host of new content and evolution amongst existing content that will appeal to the family, telling stories of inspiring characters who make change possible.

Taking this theme forward, Star Jalsha’s first endeavour is to add a spark to the

quintessential Bengali weekends, making them more enthralling with the launch of ‘Happy Weekend’.

This 2-hour-long entertainment package will introduce two new shows namely, ‘Ebar Jombe Moja’ followed by ‘Thakumar Jhuli’.

Showcasing talent galore is “Ebar Jombe Moja”, a non- fiction show with the kids.

The talent competition will witness kids presenting skits and performances, with a happy twist, for the judges and audience.

Hosted by Rohan, of Bhojo Gobindo fame, the show will have popular kids of

Bengali Television paired with kids next door.

The eminent panel of judges will include Tollywood’s terrific trio: renowned actress Subhashree Ganguly, singer cum composer Shilajit Majumdar and actor cum comedian Biswanath Basu.

The show is being produced by Subhankar Chattopadhyay. Ebar Jombe Moja

will air every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm.

On the other hand,“Thakumar Jhuli” will showcase the magic and mysteries of

favorite literary heroes, one will reminisce their childhood and get mystified

with the adventures and story of Laal Kamal Neel Kamal, Buddu Bhutum, Patal

Kanya Manimala to name a few.

Thakumar Jhuli will air every Saturday and Sunday, 9.30 pm.

Sagnik Ghosh, EVP & Channel Head – Star Jalsha and Jalsha Movies said, “This

transition aims to create a more progressive, energetic and bold view of the future that manifests our core belief ‘ChaloPaltai’. We will start this journey with ‘Happy

Weekend’ – where we are extremely excited to introduce ‘Ebar Jombe Moja’ and

‘Thakumar Jhuli’, which would be a delightful concoction of nostalgia and