Mx player launches new web series Hey Prabhu

Mx player launches new web series Hey Prabhu

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New Delhi, Feb 13: 'Hey Prabhu', an Original Series that depicts the lives that millennials lead online - jazzed up with filters and emojis Vs the emotional dilemma they find themselves in the real world, will soon be aired on MX Player, a leading streaming platform .

Hey Prabhu will stream for free from February 20 on MX Player.

Speaking at the launch, Director Shashanka Ghosh who had earlier directed films like Veere Di Wedding, said, “Hey Prabhu is a lighthearted take on the psyche of the millennials and what keeps them ticking on a daily basis. In a world that’s a largely virtual, the series talks about real-life problems that this breed of youngster’s battle - be it on the home front or at work. With comedy as a backdrop - the show highlights the complexity of both, the little as well as the big problems.”

Talking about the growing era of social media and online content, Mr Shashanka Ghosh said the youth today live two kinds of lives, which their parents are unaware of.

''Studies have proven that nearly 4 in 10 millennials (39 per cent) interact more with their smartphones than they do with their parents, friends, children or co-workers. Such is the life of Tarun Prabhu (Rajat Barmecha) as well. Online, he is a social media hero with every post getting millions of views but offline – his boss doesn’t like him, his love life is messed up and his parents just don’t seem to get him,''Ghosh said.

Talking about his role, Rajat Barmecha said, “Tarun is the anti thesis of the quintessential Sharma ji ka ladka. On the work front, he excels with the understanding of social media and delivers above expectation but on the personal front, he doesn’t seem able to deal with the mess his life is in. He is a millennial who has issues that many may deem unnecessary but are very real to him. I hope the audiences enjoy the series as much as we enjoyed making it.”

The best part about this web series is it's easily available and accessible as per the viewers' convenience. The main message which the director wants to deliver is ‘just go with the flow’ if everything feels wrong in real life just let it be because this is the age of making mistakes and learning. (UNI)