Peranbu; A well crafted movie

Peranbu; A well crafted movie


Tamil movie Peranbu is a Mammootty starrer that strikes a chord within. It explores the relationship of a father and his challenged daughter. The difference here is that the movie treads into territory that no Tamil movie has stepped into so far. It openly deals with the process of the daughter growing and maturing into a young woman who becomes aware of her sexual orientation.

Mammootty who plays father, tries to understand the struggles of his daughter Paapa who has cerebral palsy. The story revolves around his becoming a better man as he accepts his daughter with her special needs in total.

Mammootty the versatile actor that he is plays the role of Amudhavan well. However it is Sadhana as Paapa who excels as the challenged daughter. Where the movie succeeds is in the sensitivity with which her role has been dealt with, rather than make a caricature of a person with a disability as is most often seen in Indian movies.

The movie has been produced by PL Thenappan and directed by Ram. The music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The cast includes Anjali and Anjali Ameer in important roles besides the lead actors.

The film had a world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on 27 January, 2018. It released here on Feb 1 and has been well received by the audience. Director Ram has been getting accolades for his fine direction.