Pranav Mohanlal’s Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu

Pranav Mohanlal’s Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu


Son of Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal, Pranav lives in the shadow of his father’s stardom. Comparisons are inevitable and so too with this new film of Pranav’s. As the credits roll out Mohanlal’s name comes on first and after that Pranav’s. The emphasis cannot be missed!

He has been cast in the role of a romantic hero by director Arun Gopi and Pranav tries his best to slip into that role. However one feels that his talent could have been exploited further as an action hero. The movie moves on at a predictable pace with a not so great storyline. With stuntman Peter Hein of Pulimurugan fame at hand, one expected more action scenes.

This is Pranav’s second movie in a major role. The first one Aadhi did reasonably well and more was expected of his second movie. Somehow his Appu here lacks conviction.

Manoj K. Jayan as Baba, Appu’s father does a good job. Yet the movie story line rambles on about inter caste love and fails to go deep on the issue.

Set in Goa, the romance between Appu and Zaya played by Zaya David has twists and turns.

On the whole the movie fails to impress. If Pranav is to move ahead, he must be more careful with the scripts he chooses. The Mohanlal tag brings with it great expectation.