Cooking is nothing more than imagination; Ahaa Re!

Cooking is nothing more than imagination; Ahaa Re!

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Kolkata, Jan 26: If we talk about Bengalees barring every geo-political barrier then one thing we will find common definitely and that's food. Like most of the bengali people are foodie, lots of them holds a secret wish of becoming a great cook.

Ranjan Ghosh, who earlier directed films like 'Hridmajhare' and 'Rong Beronger Kori' always wanted to be a great cook but in reality he failed to cook anything except egg omelette; ahaa re! Now he has invested all his faith to Faraz that he will fulfil all the wish he had.

Here comes the inception of Ranjan Ghosh's upcoming film 'Ahaa Re!' Faraz, is the chef suppose Ranjan wanted to be. In recently released trailer of the film we hear Faraz saying, "Cooking is nothing more than imagination; it's not all about techniques."

'Ahaa Re', third film of director Ranjan Ghosh is all about cooking featuring Rituparna Sengupta and superstar from our neighbourhood Arifin Shuvoo in lead.

Arifin is playing Faraz. Paran Bandopadhyay and Amrita Chattopadhyay also are playing pivotal roles in this cook-flick. This is Arifin's first film in Kolkata.

Ranjan, who earlier assisted Aparna Sen in direction and screenplay is known for his unique style of storytelling. He said, "From my budding days I started watching classic world cinemas and the credit goes to my parents. You can say my pedigree supported me a lot and the most needed nourishment came to me through Aparna Sen. Working with her not only affected my creation but also affected my life."

This is going to be a unique venture transcends emotions through cuisine. Rituparna Sengupta, who also will be seen portraying a cook in the film is the producer of the film too. The music of the film has been scored by Savvy with creative inputs from Ranjan himself.

'Ahaa Re' is slated for a February 22 release. (UNI)