There could not be a better TV debut than ‘Rajaa Betaa’: Rrahul Sudhir

There could not be a better TV debut than ‘Rajaa Betaa’: Rrahul Sudhir

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New Delhi, Jan 10: Actor Rrahul Sudhir who is all set to mark his debut with lead character Vedant in Zee TV's next offering 'Rajaa Betaa', says family drama was on his priority and there could not be a better TV debut than this show.

Rrahul said that obviously 'Rajaa Betaa' was the right choice to mark a debut in TV. 'I think there could not be a better TV debut than this show. There were TV offers before this, but I refused them. But with a role and story like this, it came at a time when I actually wanted to do a drama. Family drama was on my priority. The next show also I will sign will be a family drama. So I am really glad that I am doing 'Rajaa Betaa' for Zee TV,' he said.

On what attracted him to the script, Rrahul said, 'It was the lead actor. When you are acting then when you are the lead actor there is so much to portray and show to the audiences. There is a lot of scope. So this was the major reason that I picked up this show.'

'Vedant is a champion of relationships and family values and selflessly devotes himself to his foster family. Being orphaned at birth, he wasn't fortunate enough to have the relationships the rest of us inherit at birth. He has always worked towards gaining love and acceptance from his family, who never considered him their own. With a character like Vedant, I am looking forward to changing the perceptions surrounding an ideal man and getting people to see the role of a man in the house in a new light. Moreover, the storyline and the narrative of the show is gripping, intriguing and touches your heart,' Rrahul said.

Telling about the show and will the concept attract the audiences, Rrahul said, 'Vedant's character values relationship and grows up to become Prayagraj's best gynaecologist and later adopts his family.'

'At the end of the day, people will find our show more realistic, because there are problems in every family and our show is relatable. So I think people should accept the show and they will say that it is the story of their home--not exactly but on lot of levels,' he said.

If there are any similarities or dissimilarities with Vedant, Rrahul said,'The way my family has brought me up. I am the eldest in my family and I have a lot of cousins. Whatever responsibilites I had as a kid, I obviously have not adopted my family, but when my responsibilites as an elder brother towards my cousins, then it is very similar to Vedant. Whenever I have a little trouble with my character I think of my father, because ideally in my family, my father is the 'Raja Beta'.'

Rrahul who has earlier worked in Vikram Bhatt's web series 'Twisted', asked what he finds more comfortable web or TV said,'There is no question of comfort. As an actor all you want to do is to act. Till the time it is appealing to you, you want to explore a tad bit more.'

'Infact in TV I am getting to explore another aspect of myself because you work everyday. And to maintain certain level of performance each and every day is another challenge for me also. So I think everything leaves you with something positive. And I am glad that I am doing this and I am also learning each and everyday being on the set,' he said.

On what he found most difficult in portraying Vedant, Rrahul said,'In TV there is a sense of this out an out protagonist. Male protagonist who is a positive person and then there is antagonist. So in TV the difficult thing I find is everything you have to find positive if you are playing a positive character, which I have never experienced before.'

'In web series there are grey characters--there is no right and wrong. But here you have to take it in that

stride because this character listens to everyone's criticism and at the end have to stay at his values and

morals--so that was the most challenging part for me to do. That comes across knife,' he said.

On TV losing it's audiences because of the emergence of web, he said,'If the presentation of the content is of this level that even the urban audience is attracted and rural is clearly our masses, so I think everybody will like it.'

If he tried his hands in films, Rrahul said,'I gave the auditions for a lot of films and I was shortlisted for many. But they didn't worked out, certain things happened.'

Coming with a non-filmy background, if he faced any struggles, Rrahul said,'Initially I did not know what to do. Then I faced rejection. A little bit of success here and there. I never slept on streets but led a comfortable life. I have worked with Vikram Bhatt and know his daughter Krishna Bhatt. I know how nepotism functions but not faced it.'

Rrahul said he doesn't have a dream role but for him every role is a dream role.

The actor told he loves to play basketball.

Rrahul also told that he will never going to take part in reality show like 'Bigg Boss'

Everything that is considered the prerogative of a woman in the family, Vedant fulfills with all his heart in the Tripathi household.

Zee TV’s next early prime time offering 'Rajaa Betaa' introduces viewers to an ideal young man, Vedant – a highly qualified gynaecologist, adopted in his early childhood into the Tripathi family by Gangadutt Tripathi who encourages his good-for-nothing son Ramesh, to raise Vedant as his own son.

Brought up by a deeply discouraging, disinterested father but with the love of his foster dada-dadi, Vedant flowers into a fine young man, accomplishing everything Ramesh couldn't.

Constantly finding ways and means of giving back to a family that never truly considered him their own and largely turned to him for their own vested interests, Vedant embodies the kind of idealism that often attracts jealousy, insecurity, resentment and exploitation at the hands of one's own people.

Will love change Vedant’s destiny and bring him someone that truly adores him unconditionally? Only time will tell.

Produced by SOBO Films, the show will go on-air starting January 15 and will air every Monday to Saturday at 0630 hrs on Zee TV. (UNI)