‘Patiala Babes’ is about self discovery of a woman: Paridhi Sharma

‘Patiala Babes’ is about self discovery of a woman: Paridhi Sharma

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New Delhi, Nov 28 : Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, it comes with a mother. This holds true for any child, especially a daughter.

A daughter always sees a role model, a friend and a confidante in her mother. But can this work the other way around? Can a mother find inspiration in her daughter and turn to her for life lessons?

Bringing forth one such mother-daughter duo, Babita a.k.a Babes and Mini, Sony TV is all set to present 'Patiala Babes' - a heartwarming journey where the daughter not only gives wings to her mother but helps her take the leap of faith.

Paridhi Sharma, who will play the role of Babita, says, 'it's about self discovery of a woman, where she discovers herself with the help of her daughter.' Paridhi said initially she had apprehensions when she was approached for the role.

'When I heard the story, I dropped all my apprehensions and thought as an actor what is important for me is to perform. I feel when you perform really well, your acting will empower everything. So more important is how you do it,' she said.

Citing her reason of choosing 'Patiala Babes' as her comeback, the actress of 'Jodha Akbar' fame said, 'When I decided for a comeback, I had two things in mind -- one it should be of a protagonist, secondly, it should be a meaningful role. And both these criteria were fulfilled by this show.'

On what she learnt from Ashnoor who plays the role of Mini, Paridihi said, 'I learned from her that now I will encourage my mother to fulfill her dreams.' Talking about the current lot of children, the actor said, 'they are very intelligent, smart, and tech-savvy. I have a very positive outlook for the kids.'

Paridhi also told that her dream role is that of Chandramukhi of 'Devdas'. Set against the backdrop of Punjab, Babita aka Babes is an ideal home-maker who feels everything is perfect in her life. But is it really true or is she living a life of denial?

Babes, who usually forgets her own self, her aspirations and her dreams, whilst managing her relationships, draws strength from her daughter, Mini. On the other hand, her daughter Mini, an enterprising teenager, is wise beyond her age and always looks out for Babes and encourages her to try new things.

Will Mini be able to push Babes out of her comfort zone and rise above the odds? Or, will Babes succumb to her own inhibitions?

Produced by Katha Kottage Productions, starring Paridhi as Babes and Ashnoor Kaur as Mini, the show went on air from November 27 and will premiere every Monday-Friday at 2100 hrs on Sony Entertainment Television. (UNI)