Finding your own voice is important in any creative profession: Prasoon Joshi

Finding your own voice is important in any creative profession: Prasoon Joshi

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Panaji, Nov 21: Lyricist, screenwriter, poet and Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Prasoon Joshi on Wednesday said that finding one's own voice was important in any creative profession.

In a Masterclass session titled ‘Lyrical Imagination Unleashed’ moderated by film critic Sachin Chatte, National Award winning lyricist Padma Shri Prasoon Joshi said, 'One should not be alienated from one’s thoughts. There should be a union between the person and his thoughts. Then, the writing happens naturally. Also, one should be sensitive to the myriad experience and feel the subject. And finally, read a lot to have a rich vocabulary which will come handy in expressing with greater efficacy.”

When asked if nature played a role in inspiring the stellar body of work that had won him laurels internationally, Joshi, who spent his formative years in the lap of nature – in places like Almora, Nainital, Tehri and other scenic parts of India, declined the notion, in his signature poetic fashion saying, “It would be unfair to those creative people who have not grown up in the lap of nature.”

Joshi said, “People have written in confinement too. It is the certain mental preparedness, sensitivity and the ability to express that plays a role. The human mind creates a narrative around the things and the places that we observe and experience. This process is personal and beautiful. Every place has its fragrance that gets imprinted on your subconscious. When writing, all of this influences and reflects in the end product.”

While advising budding poets and lyricists, Joshi said, “It is okay to be confused. The youngsters are restless, partly because of the pressure from the society. That is okay. If you’re definitive about your way, there’s no growth in it. You can’t experience something till you touch it. It is important to explore. Unless it is a truth which is experienced by you, it is not authentic. If you want to write, or in any creative profession, my understanding is that one has to look for an authentic voice. It is a difficult journey but one that to have to take.”

The Masterclass was followed by a Question and Answer session where Joshi took questions from potential lyricists and creative artistes.

He spoke at length about the factors that inspire his creative process, the difference and similarities between writing lyrics and poetry, and the need to find one’s true voice or style. The session which was conducted at Maquinez Palace at Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) the main venue of the IFFI 2018 also saw the singer-songwriter croon to the audiences, thereby setting a very emotional tone for the session. (UNI)