As ‘Sarkar’ accepts the cuts, AIADMK withdraw agitation

As ‘Sarkar’ accepts the cuts, AIADMK withdraw agitation

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As the director Murugadoss and producers Sun pictures have accepted the AIADMK demand to remove few controversial scenes from the movie, the ruling party has withdrawn the agitation.

AIADMK Publicity Minister Kadambur C Raju in a letter said that the issue has come to an end and that the party would not stage any more protests against 'Sarkar'. Meanwhile, a court has prevented police from arresting movie director AV Murugadoss. After the AIADMK announced an open war against the film, the screening of the film was blocked at many theatres. AIADMK workers have also burnt posters of the movie at several places. With the announcement of AIADMK to withdraw from the agitation, movie crew now hopes that all hell is over.

The major difference was the depiction of AIADMK's freebies scheme in a bad light. Scenes in the move showing people burning freebies like mixers and grinders were removed after the AIADMK request. The name of the woman character holds some similarity to that of the late AIADMK Chief J Jayalalitha. That name was muted after the request from AIADMK.

"We believe Sarkar team have realised that they have hurt people's sentiments and have come forward to remove the is welcome. So the issues have come to an end. The protests will not continue," Raju said.