Sarkar maker deletes scenes after AIADMK protests

Sarkar maker deletes scenes after AIADMK protests


Sun Pictures’s Kalanidhi Maran has agreed to remove two controversial scenes from his film Sarkar following protests by AIADMK men across Tamil Nadu. This has done at the request of theatre owners who feel the heat of these protestors as they have in some places torn down banners of the Vijay starrer.

Tirupur Subramaniam, the president of Tamil Nadu Theatre Association said on Friday that he spoke to Sun Pictures team and it has agreed to remove the two scenes which have drawn the ire of the AIADMK men.

He said:”As a norm whenever there are controversial scenes or scenes that hurt the public sentiment in the film, we talk to the team asking them to remove them. So, we spoke to Sun Pictures and they have agreed to delete scenes like freebies (mixie and grinder) being set to fire and mute the name Komalavalli ( an alias of late Chief Miniser J Jayalalitha which is given to a vamp in the film). The edited version will be screened from Friday with the permission of the Central Board of Film Certification”.

Following a spate of statements from AIADMK Ministers that the film lampooned welfare schemes launched by late Chief Ministe J Jayalalitha, partymen held demonstrations in front of theatres in Madurai, Pudukottai and Coimbatore. Late on Thursday, Chennai police knocked on the doors of director A R Murugadoss and finding a srong media, they backed out. Later a deputy commissioner of police came out with an explanation that the team went to Murugadoss not to arrest him,but to give protection to him. Murugadoss, who was not at home at that time, asked wheher the police would bang on the doors if they had really came to give him protection.

Deletion of scenes after protests has become a pattern of late in Tamil Nadu. Producers of. Vijay’s earlier film Mercel also deleted scenes critical of demonetisation and GST in the face of objection from the BJP.

Kamal Hassan who has come in support of Vijay, himself compromised with Muslims when they threatened to disrupt the release of his Viswaroopam for depicting them as terrorists. He even arranged a special screening for the protesting Muslim groups. But when refused to budge, he deleted provocative scenes to enable smooth release of the film. He then said that if this trend of disrupting the screening of duly certified films continued, he would have to move out of Tamil Nadu.