Tamil Nadu: Massive row over ‘Sarkar’

Tamil Nadu: Massive row over ‘Sarkar’


Massive protests have broken out in Tamil Nadu to the Vijay starrer ‘Sarkar’. Angry AIADMK supporters were seen pulling down the movies posters and forcing theatres to shut down. In Madurai 3 theatres cancelled their 2.30 pm screening.

Violence erupted in Chennai and Coimbatore also. The protests are only getting louder and don’t seem to be dying out. It is largely felt that the movie has insulted the 7.5 million people of Tamil Nadu as it sends out a wrong message say the protesters. They are very upset and angry with the reference to the freebies distributed to the masses in the welfare schemes of the previous government. It insults Amma, it is felt. A scene in the movie shows director Murugadoss who plays a cameo in the film throwing a mixer given as a freebie. This has not gone down well with a section of the audience. Also, many of Vijay’s dialogues make references to corruption and bribery in the state machinery.

C. Rajashekaran, Founder of ‘Voice of Tamil Nadu’ absolves Vijay of blame as he is only an actor and can only do what the director wants him to do. According to him the ‘only culprit’ in all this is director Murugadoss.

The Tamil Nadu government has taken note of the developments and has warned of legal action. What is surprising is the objection to a movie that has been passed and certified by the Censor Board. How can additional cuts and changes to the film be demanded then?

While the government has not filed any complaint as yet, an activist has filed one for sedition against the film maker. To make matters worse, on Diwali day, the day of the film release, Vijay fans went about bursting crackers in clear violation of the Supreme Court orders.

One may wonder why this controversy over a movie. Is it Vijay’s subsequent foray into politics that is making his opponents jittery? Are they nipping his political aspirations in the bud? Why are they calling him ‘naxalite’ and ‘terrorist’?

Will all this fade Vijay’s popularity or propel him to further heights? Only time can tell.