Kamal condemns AIADMK attack on Sarkar

Kamal condemns AIADMK attack on Sarkar

S Murari

Actor-politician Kamal Hassan on Thursday condemned the orchestrated campaign unleashed by AIADMK Ministers against Vijay’s film Sarkar and said their efforts would fail.

In a tweet, Kamal charged that the AIADMK Government was putting pressure on the film producers through illegal means after it was duly certified release by the censor board.

Obviously referring to his own experience with Viswaroopam when the then Chief Minister Jayalalitha refused to give police protection to theatres screening the movie unless he compromised with Muslims who objected to some scenes Kamal said “its not anything knew.

Calling the Ministers as those who did not have guts to face criticism and said this bunch of political merchants would be finished soon.

Kamal’s support for Vijay came as AIADMK men stepped their protests against Sarkar with one group tearing up posters and banners in a city theatre and others staged held similar demonstrations Madurai and Coimbatore.