Director to resolve ‘issue’ with MT on filming  ‘Randaamoozham’ after writer moves court

Director to resolve ‘issue’ with MT on filming ‘Randaamoozham’ after writer moves court


In the wake of renowned writer MT Vasudevan Nair moving the Kozhikode munsif court to pull out from the Rs 1000-crore film adaptation of his epic novel ‘Randaamoozham’ based on the Mahabharata, both director Sreekumar Menon and producer BR Shetty feel the matter can be resolved.

MT demanded the screenplay be returned after the contract of the screenplay expired, and the film was yet to begin its shoot. The case has been posted to October 25. About reports earlier that MT proposed to move the court to get back the screenplay written by him, director Sreekumar’s immediate reaction to Pennews was that there was 'nothing serious'. He did not elaborate though sources very close to him said there was some misunderstanding regarding what has been termed delay in starting of the shoot.

But later in a Facebook post Sreekumar said it would happen and pre-production work was in its final stages and all preparations would be made to start the shoot by July 2019.

“It is my fault that I was not able to inform MT Sir regarding the developments of the project. I will go meet him personally and make him understand,” the post says.

MT had written the screenplay on the basis of his own interpretation of the Mahabharata where Bheeman was the protagonist in his much-acclaimed novel 'Randaamoozham’. He is said to have been annoyed over the delay in starting the shooting of the film. The period set was three years which had lapsed, leading to the contract period expiring. It was extended by a year which has also got over. MT is said to have affirmed that the advance amount would be returned.

Sources close to Sreekumar said the misunderstanding would be cleared. “It is a big budget film to come out in two parts. Already work on the ornaments for the characters has been completed. Besides, as per plans, the shooting is to start next year. Issues, if any, will be cleared,” they told PenNews.

Sreekumar had earlier said shooting would begin sometime in 2019. He said that the screenplay had the touch of the master craftsman. Working on such a vast canvas, MT had crafted a script matching the much-popular novel. The depth into which he worked for his novel was equally there in the screenplay, Sreekumar had said. The director, who was busy with work on his Mohanlal starrer 'Odiyan’ had said the actor would don the role of protagonist Bheeman.

In his post he added, “Earlier, I used to meet MT sir or discuss with him over the phone regarding the film; but lately, it has not been happening due to the post-production work of the film, Odiyan.

“I will meet him personally and apologise for this.”

Reports said producer BR Shetty he did not know anything about MT’s decision. He reportedly said his only aim was to present the Mahabharata.