Asha Bhonsle & Amit Kumar Record Bengali ‘Pujor Gaan’ Composed by Shiladitya - Raj

Asha Bhonsle & Amit Kumar Record Bengali ‘Pujor Gaan’ Composed by Shiladitya - Raj

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Kolkata, Oct 3: Singer Asha Bhonsle makes a comeback in the Pujor Gaan circuit with a new Bengali singles, ‘Ebar Pujoy Elaam Phire’ for the album ‘Pujoy Asha’, composed by Shiladitya – Raj and written by Utpal Das.

The other singles of the album, ‘Surey Tumi’, composed by the duo has been sung by renowned playback singer, Amit Kumar and is written by another lyricist. The album is produced by Asha Audio and presented by Naktala Udayan Sangha.

“We all dream. But not every dream is realised. Unless you have dedication, patience, perseverance and you work towards achieving it. And of course you have to be passionate towards your dream. We also had a dream which we nurtured for over 25 years. Our dream was realised when the legend, Asha Bhonsle, whom many consider as an Avatar of Goddess Saraswati, sang her comeback Pujo song for us for the album Pujoy Asha. We are also happy to once again work with one of the finest singers of all time, Amit Kumar for the song ‘Surey Tumi’.

Both the songs are our tribute to the maestros, Kishore Kumar and R D Burman said music composers, Shiladitya – Raj.

“Pujor Gaan goes hand in hand with Bengali sentiments. Over the years Bengalis eagerly await for Pujor Gaan, which is a collection of modern Bengali songs or Rabindra Sangeet or even Nazrul Geeti. New songs by the singers from Kolkata and Mumbai has always been a major draw, From Records to cassettes to CDs and now Digital, Pujor Gaan has never lost its charm. Shiladitya – Raj, the self - confessed disciples of R D Burman have created these new songs for ‘Pujoy Asha’ retaining the flavour, charm and subtlety of the master’s creations which will take the listeners back to those bygone days of melody”, said Ms Mahua Lahiri, Director, Asha Audio.

Ebar Pujoy Elaam Phire was recorded by Asha Bhonsle exactly a week after she completed her 85th birthday. With her unparalleled panache, exuberance and melodious singing, she took the song to a completely different height. She also shot a music video for the song with great verve. (UNI)