National Geographic’s ‘Mega Icons’ to analyse life of Kamal Haasan

National Geographic’s ‘Mega Icons’ to analyse life of Kamal Haasan

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New Delhi, Sep 27: Within our brains, are billions of cells called neurons that transmit all we experience -- love, hate, grit, passion and desire.

And every once in a while these neurons help craft exalted humans, whom we can call Mega Icons. But does this happen naturally, or through conditioning?

In its new series 'Mega Icons', National Geographic is on a mission to get a step closer to that answer through a scientific lens.

After receiving much admiration for its episode on Indian cricket team Captain Virat Kohli, the channel on October 1 will do an in-depth analysis of the life of one of India’s possible polymaths, Kamal Haasan.

As a consummate artist, Kamal Haasan is not only an accomplished actor but also a dancer, writer, musician, makeup artist and much more.

Having acted in more than 200 movies, sung numerous songs, written multiple scripts, danced in innumerable performances and now donning the mantle of a politician, Kamal Haasan started showing signs of excellence at an early age.

Born into a house filled with art, some, looking at his lineage, would possibly say it is genetics. Others might conclude that it is because of his childhood experiences with such extremely talented people at home.

The episode will decode the life of Kamal Haasan through not only an intimate interview with him, but also exclusive insights from his daughters, Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan, as well as Indian Film critic Sudhish Kamath.

From a successful five-decade-long career in performing arts to launching his own political party, the episode will showcase the southern actor, and people around him, opening up on various stages in his life.

In the quest to unravel whether some of the India’s greatest icons are ‘born or made’, National Geographic in its ongoing series – Mega Icons, has employed a unique lens to analyse the lives of personalities such as Virat Kohli, Kamal Haasan, APJ Abdul Kalam, Kiran Bedi and Dalai Lama.

Host R Madhavan, along with a panel of acclaimed scientists and expert psychoanalysts magnifies milestone instances in the Icons' lives.

Each episode is a journey into the life of an iconic personality, with help of not only intimate interviews of the icons and their families, but also through scientific research and analysis by experts.

The 'Mega Icons' episode on Kamal Haasan life journey will air on October 1 at 2100 hrs on National Geographic.

The episode will also be available on HotStar. (UNI)