Tanushree Dutta drops a #metoo sex scandal bomb

Tanushree Dutta drops a #metoo sex scandal bomb


Reopening a sexual harassement allegation case which happened in 2008 against actor Nana Patekar, actor Tanushree Dutta alleged that the actor had sexually molested her on the movie set in 2008. She also alleged that though actor Nana Patekar’s sexual misconduct was well known in Bollywood, no one in Bollywood raised a word of protest against Patekar.

Training her gun onto Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar, she said both these actors who work with Nana Patekar did not boycott Patekar despite him being a molester.

“Nana Patekar was not doing very well in the industry at that time. As I had clout in the industry I could choose the choreographer according to my wish. It was a song sequence. The song was to be picturised in a classic manner. When the shooting was progressing, actor Nana Patekar visited the set. I wondered what he was doing there as he was not supposed to be in the song. He started pushing me around to my uncomfortable level. I was intimidated. I filed a police complaint. A police FIR was registered. But Nana Patekar filed a counter complaint. My harassment did not end there. My hairdresser, light boy and my parents were harassed for years by the police. Then the case was dismissed later,” Tanushree explained the incident while speaking to a TV channel on Wednesday.

Recently a band of actors such as Radhika Apte, Richa Chadda, Swara Bhasker and Konkona Sen Sharma had talked about sexual harassment incidents and had kept the #metoo movement active in Bollywood. Now while talking with News 18, Tanushree Dutta said that #metoo movement won’t happen in India and Bollywood unless and until what happened with her on a movie set in 2008 is acknowledged.

Though Tanushree Dutta had already raised this issue in 2008, she had not revealed the details then.