Thumbs up for humanity, equal rights: Bollywood on ‘Homosexuality’ verdict

Thumbs up for humanity, equal rights: Bollywood on ‘Homosexuality’ verdict

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New Delhi, Sep 6: Bollywood fraternities on Thursday hailed the Supreme Court’s landmark judgement on decriminalising homosexuality as ‘historic’, saying this is the India we want to live in with equal rights.

Bollywood celebrities took to their social media account Twitter and posted their feelings for the landmark judgement that was made by Supreme Court that any consensual sexual relationship between two consulting adults, homosexuals, heterosexuals or lesbians ‘cannot’ be a criminal offence.

Filmmaker Karan Johar said, “Historical judgment!!!! So proud today! Decriminalising homosexuality and abolishing #Section377 is a huge thumbs up for humanity and equal rights! The country gets its oxygen back!”

John Abraham said, “stand tall in honour with pride #LGBTQ”.

Farhan Akhtar said,” Bye Bye 377. Thank you Supreme Court #nomorediscrimination #loveislove.”

Varun Dhawan said,”A law implemented in 1860 is now abolished. A day for our entire nation to live with pride. Bye bye #sec377 #lovealllovefree #historic”.

Sonam Ahuja said, “This is the india I want to live in. Not one filled with hate, bigotry,sexism homophobia and intolerance. THIS is the India I love.”

Rajkummar Rao said, “Historic verdict by Supreme Court today. #377”. Arjun Kapoor said, “Sanity prevails for once we can believe we have some sensible decision makers and lawmaker s available to this generation. #Section377 gone with the wind.”

Ayushmann Khurrana said, “RIP #Section377 The new sunshine of this day is that of a progressive India. Love all!” Nimrat Kaur said, “RIP #Section377. Happy birthday 2018 !! Equal love. Equal lives. Proud Indian today.”

Swara Bhaskar said, “Congratulations to all the activists and petitioners on #SupremeCourt judgement scrapping #Section377 Your perseverance just made #India a freer place for everyone ! #LoveIsLove #Pride #377Verdict #377Scrapped Three cheers for the #SupremeCourt”.

Kartik Aaryan said, “And Love wins..This is historical Proud proud proud Supreme Court #Section377”. Music Director Vishal Dadlani said,“Congratulations India! Thank you, Supreme Court! This is amazing! The law has no place in the bedrooms of sonsenting adults! Finally #AllLoveIsEqual Good riddance #Sec377 !”

“While it sets the LGBTQ community free from oppression, the scrapping of #Sec377 also liberates heterosexuals! The stupid, regressive law made even oral sex between consensual adults "unnatural" and hence illegal. No more! Congrats, India! Now can we have sex-ed in schools, pl?” Vishal said in another tweet.

Huma Qureshi said, “Pride”. Ranveer Singh said, “LOVE FOR ALL #Section377 #377Verdict”. Aditi Rao Hydari said, “#Sec377 decriminalizedsuperrrrr happy for my friends and the entire LGBTQ community

Pride in my and pride all over the country... #FreedomToLove #LetYourPrideFlagFlyHigh”.UNI