I’ve been a huge Tom Clancy fan as a kid: John Krasinski

I’ve been a huge Tom Clancy fan as a kid: John Krasinski

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New Delhi, Aug 31: Graham Roland and Carlton Cuse, co-creators of the Amazon Prime Original series 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan', were keen to find a compelling actor for the role of Jack Ryan, which they found in John Krasinski.

John’s comic role as a paper salesman, Jim Halpert in The Office and his action-hero avatar as a navy seal-turned-defence contractor in 'Michael Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi' had left audiences and his fans in awe of him.

As for John, it was a dream come true. He grabbed the opportunity to portray a character he had idolised since childhood. ‘I have been a huge Tom Clancy fan ever since I saw ‘Hunt for Red October’ as a kid and fell in love with the character,' says Krasinski, who recently directed, co-wrote and starred in the 2018 blockbuster 'A Quiet Place'.

'After that, I read the books. I never imagined I could be a superhero like Batman or Superman, I always felt like I could be Jack Ryan. And unlike James Bond or Jason Bourne, who are larger than life, I think it’s nice to see this guy who just puts his mind to something, believes in something and makes a difference on the front lines,' he said.

Instead of giving undue attention to the fact that John’s six feet three built makes him perfect for the action-hero role, Roland and Cuse have focused more on building Jack Ryan as a witty and clever spy in the series.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on August 31. (UNI)