Filmmaker JP Dutta roped in 300 army personnel for ‘Paltan’

Filmmaker JP Dutta roped in 300 army personnel for ‘Paltan’

New Delhi, Aug 08: Ace filmmaker JP Dutta had roped in 300 army personnel for war scenes in 'Paltan'.

Dutta who is all set to complete his war trilogy with 'Paltan' has left no stone unturned for the film. The filmmaker had roped in 300 army personnel for the war sequence that was shot in Ladakh.

The cast of the film had shot for two months and the army personnel's had also taught the actors how to wield the guns as well as helped them with the body language of army men.

"The movie focusses on the action and existential angst that our soldiers faced during the war time. Who better than the real army officers themselves to showcase the true emotions? The ministry of defense was very supportive throughout the making and to shoot with real army men as part of our own crew helped us a lot. In no time, they all gelled with us and even helped the actors get into the skin of their characters,' Dutta said.

'From training them to hold the real guns properly to aping army character traits, the real army personnel helped us and I am hugely grateful to them,' he said.

'Paltan' is based on the Nathu La military clashes of 1967, which took place along the Sikkim border, 'Paltan' showcases the untold story of the Indian forces, who fought an intense battle to ward off a Chinese infiltration.

The battle of Nathu La was a historic victory for the Indian army, because of which Sikkim is a part of our country. Considering the equations India and China share in todays, 'Paltan' will induce a strong sense of patriotism amongst the audience.

With power-packed performances, the film promises to tell the riveting, untold story of the bravest of Indian soldiers who fought with their brothers next to them till the end.

Presented by Zee Studios and produced by J P Dutta Films, 'Paltan' is slated to release on September 7. (UNI)