AMMA meet with women actors today to be hot potato for Mohanlal

AMMA meet with women actors today to be hot potato for Mohanlal


Kochi, Aug 07: The crucial meeting on Tuesday evening of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) with three women actors will put both the association and its recently appointed president Mohanlal in a tight spot having to find answers to their stand on the Dileep reinstatement issue.

The association has come in for severe flak from different sources quarters over its soft stand towards Dileep, an accused in the actor-abduction case. The victim recently resigned from AMMA owing to its stand.

The meeting will be with actors Revathy, Parvathy and Padmapriya, who had sought discussions, following the reinstatement of Dileep.

AMMA has said it will talk to the three who are its members though they were instrumental in forming the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). Parvathy, who was abroad, cut short her visit to attend the meeting, which, according to the three, would have serious deliberations on vital issues that have put the film industry in poor light.

Immediately after the general body meeting, Mohanlal was found struggling at the press conference to justify the decision to reinstate Dileep. While claiming to be with the victim, he said he was praying for the accused. AMMA tried taking on WCC and recently two of its women executive members tried to implead in the victim's case seeking a woman judge for the trial. However, the victim made it clear that she did not want their support.

There have been widespread charges against AMMA top brass attempting to discourage women actors from associating with WCC. Tuesday's meeting will also witness talks with actors Shammi Thilakan and Joy Mathew who have also voiced protests.