Never compromise on what you believe in: Aamir Khan

Never compromise on what you believe in: Aamir Khan

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Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan who was present for the 8th season of 5th Veda by the Whistling Woods International (WWI), said never compromise on what you believe in.

Since inception, the cultural hub of WWI, 5th Veda has been applauded for the insights and knowledge it provides to the students. Continuing this glorious tradition to impart education in a truly inspirational manner, WWI celebrated the first session of its 8th season of the 5th Veda in the presence of the superstar and the perfectionist - Aamir Khan.

These sessions manifest and help in overall development in the domain of filmmaking, communication, and creative art forms. Aamir graced the event by contributing to the tree plantation campaign initiated by Subhash Ghai. The session started with a wonderful composition by the talented students of WWI School of Music. They performed a melodious musical in the honor of Aamir Khan.

What followed was a candid session, as Subhash Ghai invited Aamir to share his journey about his career and growth as an artist. On appreciating the actor for his contribution to Hindi cinema, Subhash Ghai said, “Aamir is one of my favorite actors. He has a passion for cinema and compassion for human beings.”Aamir talked about the learnings from his initial decade in the movie business.

Talking about the importance of education, the superstar mentioned how his curious mind and voracious reading habits since childhood helped him majorly in acquiring knowledge. As a medium of self-education, the actor enlightened the students about the importance of traveling independently.

On a similar note, Aamir shared his philosophy of being disciplined, by adding, “Discipline comes naturally when something interests me.” Later he also highlighted the significance of detailing, characterization and how observation is the key to getting the craft right.

The known perfectionist shared with the students three paramount factors to attaining success, which was - working with people of like-minded sensibilities, staying true to commitments and not compromising with self-beliefs.

He further discussed at length about how not bending his values for favorable and practical solutions worked in his favor. The actor also emphasized the importance of teamwork and leadership. He said, “Allow a person to take responsibility because responsibility lets a person bloom.”

“Sail through the rough rides, there are no shortcuts. The more you work, the more you learn,” Aamir added.UNI