Manju Warrier has not left WCC, says members

Manju Warrier has not left WCC, says members

The rumour about the resignation of actor Manju Warrier from Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has been rejected by the WCC members. For the last many days, TV channels and Newspapers in Kerala have been circulating the news about Manju Warrier's resignation.

Founding member of WCC, Deedi Damodaran has said that she has no information about the resignation of Manju Warrier. Director Vidhu Vincent, another key person of the WCC has also informed that Manju has not informed any such decision to WCC.

The silence of Manju over the AMMA's decision to reinstate actor Dileep has also helped to strengthen this rumour. Manju's recent exit from the WCC's WhatsApp group has also been discussed widely to legitimate Manju's dislike towards WCC. But Vidhu Vincent told that some members may leave the WhatsApp group when they go away for work, but later they will join back. There is nothing unusual about this.

Though Vidhu admitted the fact that Manju had some differences with WCC, she outrightly rejected the rumour of Manju's resignation. Actor Revathy also rejected the news of Manju's resignation. If Manju has to quit, she has to say it, says Revathy. But Revathy said that Manju had told her that she wants to keep away from these things for a while. (UNI)