Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’ all set to blow Box Office
Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’ all set to blow Box Office

Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’ all set to blow Box Office


Nearly recieving 2 million views on YouTube within a day for it’s audio release “ Semma weightu” or “Bahut Bhaari hai”, Rajnikanth’s upcoming film has already set to blow the Box Office away. It is #5 on trending on YouTube

We’ve all been seeing actor Rajnikanth making public appearances in his neta whites. Recently, the actor has taken to social media to post pictures of him in stylish get ups, robbing himself in a designer Nike attire. The actor has been promoting his upcoming film release ‘Kaala’ or ‘Kaalai’. The film looks toward breaking ground in Bollywood as well, as the film will be dubbed in Hindi and casts many Bollywood actors.

His new stylish get ups is said to be an attention gimmick to attract young audiences. The film is directed by Pa. Ranjith, and this is his second time collaborating with the actor after the movie ‘Kabbali’. Rajnikanth hailed as ‘Thalaivaa’ has very few competitors who manage to get as big as a response the actor does even in the current times.

It is suspected that the movie will also help in the endorsement of the ‘Thalaivaa’s’ political strategy as the actor is set to launch his own political party. The actor pulling out a card from the sleeve of the actor MGR who launched his own political party in the 1970’s, knows that the success of his movie will ensure a political career in his state and this in turn will win him votes.

The actor plays the role of a slum lord turned Gangster from Tuticorin the south of Tamil Nadu in the movie. The movie revolves around the idea of oppressed Tamilians and their fight for equality.

This movie is released prior to the super hit sequel of ‘Enthiran’, ‘Enthiran 2.0’. The movie is director Shankar’s big budget film with a budget amounting up to 450 crore.

Rajnikanth, has already made it clear that his acting career will not be ending as he takes up politics and is expected to commence work on his next film with Karthik Subbaraj from July onwards.