I am made out of failures: Siddhant Sharma
I am made out of failures: Siddhant Sharma

I am made out of failures: Siddhant Sharma


Kolkata-born Siddhant Sharma, who has won the English singing talent show 'The Stage 3,' says he is a person made out of failures. Talking to UNI, Siddhant, who was in the national capital recently said, ''I don't know if I call anything as a failure. Failure only happens, once you give up. I think there is nothing that would want me to give up on something.

''Maybe I won't make it to the biggest English music sensation from India. But, will it stop me from making music? I will still sing. So, there is no failure. I am a person made out of failures. If you are surviving something, you live out stuffs, you turn to be strong. ''That's the key for living a life. So literally, there is no failure for me, it's learning and grabbing an opportunity. There is a lot to do with self-criticism and then dealing with it, going back without any arrogance,'' Siddhant said.

Talking about how he felt winning the competition, Siddhant said, ''The whole feeling of people congratulating you, it's an amazing feeling. Winning is not the only thing and not the greatest thing. There is no competition in art. Art is a medium of expression and everyone has their own way of expressing. This show delivers new artists to people. The judges appreciating us,its a brilliant feeling.''

On his message to people who are struggling in the music field and want to make big in life, Siddhant said, ''Hope is something that someone can give to lot of people, but at the same time, hope is something that makes you lazy.

''Success doesn't comes to people, who wait for it and comes to people who go out and work for it. It is bound to happen. If you have put in honest and hard work consecutively, then it will happen, no one can take it away from you. So, if anyone who is doing the same kind of music that I am doing that is English music or any kind of music or trying to put out their stuff in any form of art, the only thing you do is rediscover yourself everyday,'' he said.

''Find out something more about yourself from the things that are around you and not just materialistic stuff. Looking out for things that are not materialistic for an artist is very important, because they find so much about their inner selves,'' he said.

Talking about the scope of regional music, he said ''Bengali music has its own group of people and its being appreciated throughout the world. My mother is a Bengali and father is North Indian, so I can speak both Bengali and Hindi. That's a lucky go thing for me as language has never been a barrier for me. I studied in Darjeeling, so I can even speak Nepali. So, singing in either of these languages has never been tough for me.

''For people, singing in regional languages is an amazing thing. This is a very vast and huge country with many languages spoken in the entire country. Music is not a competition. Lot of musicians just tend to get better and prove out that they can play many things.''I don't want to attempt someone, but I want my individuality to make a mark. Music is about the experience. It's a divine, spiritual experience,'' he said.

When asked whom he wants to lend his voice in the industry, Siddhant said, ''I am into rock and roll and heavy metal stuff, so people think that I don't explore other stuff. But that's not true. I explore lot of pop, techno stuff, jazz. And somehow in the show, I found out that I can do all these things.

''So, if it is about the industry, I would love to do something for Farhan Akhtar. If it's really something powerful, I would love doing it. If it's something soft and peppy stuff, then I would love to do it for new age actors like Varun Dhawan. So, my voice would go with them as they are new age boys, and with time, the voice becomes mature, so it would be fun if I lend my voice to them,'' he said.

The young music sensation said he was never a musician. ''I was a painter and a dancer,'' he added. Siddhant said his biggest support throughout his journey was his friend Shubhojit and his mother. Siddhant said he is a vocalist and knows how tough it is. ''For me, I don't practice vocals throughout the day but it is in my head 24x7,'' the 22-year-old said.

The Stage is an Indian talent television series, which premiered on Colors Infinity. The show is India's first-ever homegrown English singing talent hunt show. All three seasons have been presented by Shibani Dandekar, while Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra, Ehsaan Noorani, and Devraj Sanyal are the judges of the show. (UNI)