Television greeted me with open arms: Anup Soni
Television greeted me with open arms: Anup Soni

Television greeted me with open arms: Anup Soni


Actor Anup Soni who is all set to make his debut in ALT Balaji's new web series 'The Test Case' says that despite no connections and a non film background , Television has welcomed him with open arms.

Talking to UNI, Anup, who was in the national capital recently to promote his web series, said," when you are working in a creative field you are not satisfied ever. Somewhere I feel that for somebody like me who had no connection with the industry, no family background, nobody remotely associated with the film industry from the family also, I had a good journey.

I am the first actor in my family in my generation. So, somebody like me who has never seen a city like Mumbai and coming to the tinsel town to act, reaching to this point is quite satisfactory. I had the opportunity to choose my work also. I came to Mumbai just to do films. I never ever thought of any other medium but as luck would have it , the world of TV, which was booming in those days, welcomed me with open arms' and I agreed and went there.'

Asked whether he is choosy about his roles, Anup said,"It's very easy to say for an actor that small/big roles doesn't matter to him/her but big roles are bigger and small roles are obviously smaller. So I had never had this thing that if I am offered a hero's role then only I will do it. I was somewhere very clear that in a movie there are six-seven important characters that move the story.

My goal was if I make my position in those six-seven characters then I will be happy doing otherwise I am happy where I am. I am open for films till today.

Yes, I miss them as I wanted to do films only but it doesn't means I am not enjoying my TV stint and web series. But yeah, I am open to any kind of films the only criteria is that I want to play the character that has importance in the story and who moves the story forward whether the role is comedy, action, angry young man, or anything I would love to do everything.'

Anup said," I am not there in the first five episodes at all. Series is of 10 episodes in total. Even in the first five episodes, there is no discussion of me. But still I said yes to it because my character is one of the important dramatis personae. When I enter the story then my part takes the story forward. So even in the web series I chose that."

My character in the web series is the one who enters at a very crucial point and takes the story to climax. My role is of an army officer not of a detective. I am not playing an investigating officer. He is someone who is sending to crack cases in the team. The role is very colorful. Something wrong happens with Captain Shikha Sharma (Nimrat Kaur) who is sending by the Defence Minister for the training of 'The Test Case'.

Captain Shikha Sharma doesn't tell anybody what has happened to her, and if it comes out, then army's reputation can be ruined. So my character is sending to investigate the whole thing. He is not a typical detective. He plays poker. I had a great time and enjoyed playing my role.'

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